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Do I need business support?

For many people starting out self-employed, the lack of support can be hard, especially when leaving employment to launch your own business. The value of an objective soundboard to bounce ideas and discuss challenges and progress can be invaluable, especially in the first couple of years.

Not only do we offer a full business model development and plan service, we can provide a monthly, annual or when required check-in service with access.

You can use this time to seek advice, develop new ideas and understand how your business is performing.

Cost of Support

We have packages starting from £100 per month with the flexibility to increase or decrease the level of support on a monthly basis.

Businessman is Savings money and calculating.Save money for home cost
Businessman is Savings money and calculating.Save money for home cost

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Discuss not order

It is your business, we can present different options and opportunities

Re-affirm success

A part of this process is reviewing your sales data and how your customers find you to see what your business is good at

Support and nurture

Once a month or once a year, we work with you to improve your processes, supplier relationships and customer engagement

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