Business Model and Strategy Development

The first step to setting up your business is understanding the products or services, the full journey to the customer and how you are going to get customers.  

Business Model and Strategy Development - Sussex, Brighton, Eastbourne, South East

Business Model Development

Defining how your business is going to function and planning a dynamic approach can help you gain market leverage and sales growth over your competitors. It is important to understand your market sector, key competitors and external events that can affect your business and methods to mitigate risk.  We can work with you to develop your business model and put together a workable strategy that aligns with your ideas and vision, which then leads into the business plan. 


Strategy Development


Part of the model will explore the what-if scenarios and which rapid changes you can make to keep the business alive and successful. Developing a robust operational model and clear strategies to launch your business and introduce new products and services that include the brand assets, marketing techniques, and a true understanding of how you will sell. Pricing is also a key part of this process with different techniques to price products and services. Products must factor in the supplier costs, competitors price ranges, and what is unique or different about your products.

Targeting customers through the price range is the final part of the pricing process. Service pricing often causes problems for new businesses, especially sole owned businesses with one key service. Our team can define the services and their value and how to align these with your ideal customer groups.

Business leadership and strategy
Business leadership and strategy
Business Model and Strategy Development - What to expect.

At the end of this service, you are going to have a clear understanding of how your business is set up, how it operates, and the techniques and processes to develop sales and maintain healthy profit margins.

The business model package explores and defines the following:

  • The suppliers and partners required.
  • The main activities of your business.
  • The resources you need to deliver these.
  • Your individual or unique value proposition.
  • Customer relationships, who are your customers and how you will attract and retain them.
  • What marketing channels you are going to use and how you will implement and manage campaigns.
  • Cost structures and defining budgets and gauging return on investments.
  • Revenue, how you will generate this and manage customer payments.
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Your business model

We work with you to develop the strategy by exploring your ideas.

Formalise the business model

Once the strategy is in place, we can develop the business model.

Targeted growth

Achievable targets and objectives, both short and long-term.

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