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Logo Design

Your logo is your business’s identity and usually the first thing a potential client or customer sees when researching your company. A professionally designed logo will give your business. A well-designed logo will elevate your companies message with your website, business cards, leaflets, social media accounts. And it’s very important that this isn’t rushed or not given a generous amount of time and a fair budget.

The benefit of a well-designed logo reaches further than you might think. It should resonate with your target market, in terms of style, colour and shape.


Your brand encompasses everything design and business-related. This includes your brand colours, logo, fonts and much more.

It’s important that this remains consistent throughout your website, printed literature, social media accounts, vehicles and everywhere that your company’s image is portrayed. An inconsistent brand can lead to client uncertainty and a loss of trust. Make sure your brand is relevant, striking, and consistent at all times. 

Meeting with designer
Meeting with designer

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